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Karman Bar: South County's Bad Ass, Band-Friendly Bar Run By Women

the-karman-bar-employees-optWORK IN PROGRESS


The Karman Bar is a local bar with a great staff and an incredible clientele, and we are hopeful and excited about the future. We are currently in the process of upgrading the house sound system so we are properly geared up to throw great shows with a variety of live entertainment bookings on weekends.

A big thanks to Jeff Chergosky of Sound Image!! We are seriously looking forward to having a system that only you could design.

We are also super stoked on implementing a food program in the near future so we can serve small menus featuring pub fare with an upscale twist, using fresh local produce and artisan meats and cheeses.




ABOUT THE OWNERSkarman-bar-owners

So the new owners are three thirty-something friends from Long Beach who finally figured out a way to make their decade-long dream of owning their own bar come to fruition. Imagine that. This bar project is a culmination of all of our individual and collective hard work and dedication and we are overjoyed to be able to share this experience with all of these amazing people.

Erinn Karman is a musician, a writer, and an all-around Bar Industry Extraordinaire. She has worked as a bartender for fourteen years and ran a company that owned several So Cal bar locations before taking the leap of faith (or insanity) to venture off on her own bar project. You can find her most days sitting at the bar with her laptop and her twelve page list of things to do.

Lisa Alley is the most down to earth boss-ass bitch you’ll ever meet. This chick is a trail blazer and a professional business woman and she runs a company that she has built from the ground up, based on sheer determination and intuition. If you got to know her, you’d realize that you will never be as cool as her, so instead, you settle for just being her friend so you can be around her all the time. I often wish she would adopt me like a shelter dog or a wayward soul. You will too. She’s around TKB most weekends watching football and making me laugh. She’s legit.

Jesse Hamilton is like the glue that holds this whole thing together. An entrepreneur in his own right, he has experience in all different types of business endeavors and manages somehow to balance it all as well as his wife and two youngens. He’s an enigma really, we could all learn a thing or two from him about anything from the meaning of life to some random irrelevant and utterly trivial facts. If he’s not doing whatever his four-year old daughter tells him to, you can find him buzzing around the bar fixing things and yellin’ at whatever game is on television.